Cut Throat Sweet Heart
The Bitter Sweet Moments That We Call Life...
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  • have you ever been so wildly attracted to someone you can actually feel it driving you insane

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  • I am unbelievably 

    Out of my depth

    Out of touch

    With the world.

    I can’t say

    That it’s anything 

    New to me

    To feel so incredibly


    I’ve accepted

    My condition

    As a presupposition

    For my having been


    Someone else

    Was torn

    From life

    To accommodate

    For me.

    So I deserve to be


    Dear sister,

    You were five weeks old

    When your  

    Tiny body turned cold

    In our mother’s arms.

    Dear sister,

    I’ve always 

    Wondered why

    I was to live

    While you were to die.

    What purpose did the pain serve?

    Why was I given 

    What I do not


    Your life.

    Dear sister,

    I wish I could have known you - 

    I mean knowing

    Beyond my dreams


    As real as it seems,

    Will never be enough.

    I’m only one year

    Your junior

    But have this peculiar 


    That you would have been

    Far wiser

    Than I.

    I’ve always felt

    Grossly undeserving

    To the point where it is


    It should not have been me

    Who was born in 

    Perfect health. 

    I mean, look at me - 

    I’m a melodramatic teenager 

    Who has depression and cuts herself

    When she doesn’t get 

    What she wants.

    But I have more than

    I could ever need.

    I have life…

    A life that should

    Be yours.

    If ever one could fathom 

    Of God having made

    A mistake,

    It would have been

    In creating me.

    Dear sister,

    You’d be so much better

    At this ‘life’ thing, don’t you see?

    Yet I don’t deserve to be

    Delivered from my 

    Self-made, hellish reality -

    The product of my own 


    Dear sister,

    I wish it was me

    With an extra 18th chromosome

    So that I could have been


    "Called home".

    I wish that I was


    And that you could 

    Have life instead.

    - j.n.l.

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  • I found myself

    At breaking point.

    It’s funny

    How often 

    I’ve been there

    Lately - 

    From once a year

    To almost


    I wanted to tell you 


    Every thought

    Every feeling…

    And the fact that 

    I wasn’t 


    But when you said,

    "Tell me anyway.

    I might not have

    Much to say

    But I’d listen.”

    My eyes began to 


    Not because you 

    Were finally there

    For me

    But because

    I realized

    You had always

    Been gone.

    You had always

    Been someone else’s. 


    You were hers.

    It wasn’t your words

    That stopped me - 

    It was seeing,

    As pathetic as it sounds,

    Your profile picture


    From a blurred and

    Smoke-filled portrait,

    A lonely frown and pout,

    To a photo of you

    And the girl 

    You can’t live without.

    You finally look


    There’s no way I could

    Speak now

    And tell you

    I’m in love with you

    Without screwing things up


    I can’t tell you

    How long it’s been

    That your happiness

    Has been mine.

    I can’t tell you 

    How long I’ve wanted

    Our bodies to be 


    I can’t tell you

    Of my little heartbreaks

    Every time you

    Fell in love -

    Every time it wasn’t me,

    Every time there’d be no ‘us’.

    So now

    I’ll tell you nothing

    Just like 

    I’ve always done…

    For sake of the

    Beautiful smile on your face

    Baby, I hope that she’s the one.

    - j.n.l.

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  • I would like to know who stole this from my brain without my permission. Thank you kindly.

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